The connection to our Alarm and Surveillance Control Center provides 24/7 surveillance of a facility monitored. The duty officer monitors the operation of each device and promptly responds to any technical malfunction or sabotage attempts. The rapid deployment team intervenes upon each emergency alarm and immediately notifies the beneficiary as well as police, firefighters and medical first aid if necessary.


Our Alarm and Surveillance Control Center is one of the best in Croatia. It is equipped with modern devices for automatic receiving and processing alarms and other information from distant objects. In cooperation with our subcontractors almost everywhere in Croatia we provide the best technical supervision followed by rapid response patrols of local security companies.


The Alarm and Surveillance Control Center is equipped with video surveillance system. Monitoring the protected facilities visually in real time we provide the additional protection of facilities at night and during non-working periods. the video surveillance is used for prevention purposes or some other specific beneficiary’s needs and it can often be combined by patrol guards tours.


Security in educational institutions - the first national conference was held in Zagreb. In 2010 it has been noted that the town of Split has properly and successfully solved the security of elementary schools integrating personal and technical protection. Bonačić Secuirity has recently renewed the agreement stipulated with the town of Split on providing protection and security to elementary schools in the next two years. The renewed agreement has expanded the security system adding anti-burglary systems and the increase of total number of surveillance cameras to 286.


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